When creating the brand, the primary motivation was the preservation of health.

Béatrice Dubois, during a discussion with her husband, Joseph Grivon, on the causes of the increase in cancers and diseases, observed in their entourage and on the influence that certain chemical ingredients could have on the body, discovered the harmfulness of certain products in the diet and especially products that could nestle in the back of his bathroom.

Following this awareness, Béatrice, accustomed to the beautiful cosmetic brands of perfumeries, decided to turn to organic. It was 2006 and she does not find in what she was offered all the sensoriality and effectiveness of classic cosmetics. This is how Joseph, who has spent his entire career in different pharmaceutical companies, began to formulate some natural products from vegetable oils and essential oils for his wife. The products immediately appealed to Béatrice and her friends. Motivated by the desire to offer good and do good, Béatrice and Joseph embarked on the CHO Nature adventure in 2009 to be able to offer beautiful, non-toxic cosmetic products that their customers can use with confidence. In 2014, Anne-Sophie, their daughter, joined them to develop the business. Today, the company continues to grow as a family, sharing the same values ​​and following the same guidelines.