We work with natural, noble and pure ingredients which are put in synergy in short formulas and rich in active ingredients for real effectiveness. On average, our cosmetics contain more than 67% active ingredients and our beauty oils contain 100% active ingredients. Thus, research, expertise and high standards are at the heart of the brand. CHO Nature has its own Cosmébio-labeled laboratory, located near Grasse, in which the company formulates and manufactures innovative and unique products that respect this alliance between efficiency and naturalness. Behind a C.H.O product hides knowledge, research, passion and high standards in order to offer you treatments that work for the good of your skin, your mind and that treat your problems in depth. For example, we created the Hydratonite Complex which combines bentonite (white clay) with hyaluronic acid for deep hydration that lasts throughout the day.

C-H-O NATURE: Organic Anti Aging Cosmetics

At C.H.O. When designing the product, the first step is to clearly define its objective, an organic cosmetic product can only be effective if it is well targeted. The formulator then seeks in the choice of existing natural biological materials those which contain the most necessary active molecules. The raw materials are chosen according to their geographical origin and their manufacturing method.

A formulation that makes sense is a formulation in which each ingredient provides in efficiency and is not used to fill a line or densify the water of a formula. The knowledge of raw materials, the know-how of the formulator, the correct targeting of final product are guarantees of the effectiveness of an organic cosmetic product. This is also the reason why we have chosen to master the entire value chain from product definition through to its design, manufacture and distribution.

The C.H.O. is located near Grasse (06).

C.H.O. Nature your organic brand in spa and beauty institute

In order to strengthen the effectiveness of our products, we have developed an anti-aging energy treatment with a Chinese medicine practitioner: C.H.O. Prestige. This treatment based on digito pressure frees the body of its toxins, relaunches collagen production and reduces wrinkles. It also invites you to let go as much for the client as for the practitioner. Practiced as a cure, this treatment provides real rejuvenation.