CHO Nature is a French brand of natural and organic cosmetics without compromise, combining health, quality, efficiency, pleasure and elegance. CHO products offer you with each use a moment of relaxation and (re) comfort that will delight all your senses: sober and elegant packaging, captivating fragrances that you never tire of, silky textures, and pretty poems that will delight you. accompany in this universe of well-being. It is with great love that the brand thinks its products so that each beauty appointment is a real moment of pleasure for both the skin and the mind.


CHO Nature is pronounced C-H-O Nature and represents the four components present in all living things.

(C) arbone, for memory

(H) ydrogen for the energy of oils and gestures

(O) xygen for respiration

(N) ature represents nitrogen, for protection

The living had to be the symbol of the brand because it is its essence. The products are made with natural ingredients and designed for the pleasure of the senses, the beauty of the skin and respect for health.